Ep. 83 From Bullied & Beaten To Belief & Impact, with Brett Robbo

This solo episode is to give some different perspectives around belief and how comparing ourselves with others is an unhelpful method for cultivating belief.

I discuss some big challenges i’ve had in life, including being bullied and beaten, and I unpack where I believe my belief comes from and how you can cultivate yours!

This topic stems from a recent podcast I was interviewed on and stumped with a question about people comparing themselves to me and feeling like they couldn’t achieve some of things i’ve achieved because i’m just the type of person that creates belief around anything. This alarmed me and I want to make it very clear that my belief comes from many mindset shifts in my life with all the challenges i’ve faced.


On a lighter note, we now have a facebook group for the podcast community. It’s a safe space to allow you legends to connect and learn, share and grow, celebrate each others triumphs and support each others challenges and adversities.

You can find it at your life of impact podcast community when you search in the groups section.


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