Mental Strength Training To Become The Best Version Of Yourself

Next round Kicking Off May 17th

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  What are previous participants saying about the program? 

Allison Yeoland: Telstra Businesswomen of the Year NSW Finalist 2017

Brett's mental strength training course is a MUST for everyone....It is awesome!!! It taught me structure, processes and practices so that I can use my mind to create the best version of myself. It was so good I am doing the course again, for a second time. I have listened to each video's at least 4 times but every time I listen again I pick up one more golden action to implement for success. The course is essential for anyone wanting to succeed in any aspect of their life as: parent, businesswoman, employee, athlete or friend. We have already trained our skills, trained our bodies so now it is time to train our most powerful asset: our mind.

Feel free to reach out to me personally on Linkedin if you have any questions about my experience or would like to discuss my testimonial personally.


Mick. School Principal and father: 

"It has been a privilege to work with Robbo in developing my own mental strength skills. After listening to his podcast for the past 12 months, I was very keen to complete some targeted training with him and see how far I could push myself and grow.

The way the course is structured (online, self-paced) enables everyone to listen, reflect, re-watch and evaluate where they are heading and to identify their strengths and areas they can continue to improve.

The program is designed to generate success. You need to put in the effort to get the reward.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone! Simple, straightforward and empowering. So grateful for what I have learnt and will continue to apply these techniques to my work, home and personal life".


Brock.  Miner & Personal Trainer:

"Firstly, a huge thank you to yourself for delivering an amazing program over the past six weeks. There has been some familiar techniques which I have used in the past but also many new techniques and tools which have opened my eyes on how to tap into an optimal level of flow and energy whenever I need it.

I’ll definitely be recommending the next round of the program to a few people I know. I think there’s a wealth of knowledge and value in the program which anyone can’t benefit from".


Lyn. School Teacher and Mother of 5:

"This program has taught me explicitly the strategies needed to focus on and build my mindset for future intention, personal success and overall fulfilment in all areas of my life.

I can’t recommend it highly enough as I’ve had an absolute ball really delving into my life and finding new ways to challenge myself and become the best version of myself that I can be.

Six weeks is an easily achievable investment in itself and the course materials are pitched long enough to engage and sustain in this busy world we live in. Thanks so much Brett for assisting me on my life path".


Jeff. Part time student and financial planning assistant:

"A big, massive, thank you for everything you've provided throughout the course... dead set, the material and the access to your network has been worth more than the cost of getting into the course. 

I made a conscious choice to really put it the time to do the exercises you have been giving us, so it's been a massive help. The last month I've seen a massive change in my attitude towards life in a general and have been really positive in my disposition and just focused on what I could control... Centred would be the word i'm looking for"


  Learn Habits, Tools & Strategies to Optimise Your Life

What you will gain from this program:

  • Create clarity in your life through Goal Setting & Vision Planning
  • Learn powerful new Habits
  • Improve your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Think & create helpful Mindsets
  • Establish Your Values
  • Join an Accountability Group to help keep you in alignment

The best versions of ourselves does not just appear. It won’t just knock on your door. This is a result of learning & implementing the right habits & consistently taking action in the direction of your goals & visions.

This is a 6 week interactive program that will teach you these skills & how to apply them directly into your life, allowing you to tap into your inner excellence & be your best self. There are limited spaces available to allow more personal interaction, because I want you to get the absolute most value from this program.


  • Weekly presentations from Brett.
  • Weekly online Q&A to keep you Inspired & Motivated.
  • Unlimited access to your private accountability group.
  • Weekly Personal Development Material (homework)
  • Guest appearances in your accountability group from World Class Athletes, Coaches & Community Leaders.

This one is Awesome and well worth the investment on it’s own. Not only will you learn all the powerful habits, tools and strategies, you can also hear from World Class Community Leaders, Athletes & Coaches who are using these methods and can answer some of your questions and build on what you’re specifically working through! A couple of the legends who joined us in the first round of the program were 2018 Australian Of The Year, Kath Koschel, and World renowned coach and breathing expert Nam Baldwin.

This course is to teach you how to optimise your life, create an abundant & resilient mindset & achieve your goals & visions. Whether your goals are to be the best parent for your children, improve your health and fitness, create success in your career/business, or live your ideal life.

If you seriously Value your life & want to learn how to make the best choices on a regular basis, to help you live optimally & in alignment with your dreams, goals & visions – This program is for you!

What do I need?

  1. Computer
  2. Internet
  3. Be ready to feel inspired & take action!

I will be delivering the content on screen, in a live video in your closed facebook group. Therefore, if you can’t make it to the time allocated for that specific presentation, that’s ok, the video will remain in the group for you to watch when it suits you.

Who is this program for?

  • Any humans wanting to improve their lives!
  • All ages welcome

a personal mentor

If you're interested in Brett's one-on-one coaching and mentoring services to accelerate your results, connect here.

2018 allows us to produce results with each other from anywhere in the world.
With programs like Skype and Zoom we will have powerful sessions from a place of your convenience.

High Performance Mentoring/Coaching:

  • Maximise your Mental Resiliency
  • Use Adversity to your advantage
  • Thought Dynamics – Unleash the power of your mind
  • Escalate your confidence and productivity
  • Establish your values
  • Optimal Health and Productivity
  • And Many more powerful processes!

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