Ep. 100 Celebrating With Value & Giveaways For You Legendary Listeners, With Brett Robbo

I’m abundantly grateful and proud to hit 100 episodes of  Your Life Of Impact and it’s because of you legendary listeners! 

In celebration, I wanted to ensure this episode contained valuable content like all the episodes do, not just let it be a recap of the journey. So, that’s what it is, me sharing some valuable information, tips and strategies on topics of emotional intelligence and thought dynamics.

I’m also sharing some insights about growth and development. We’ve personally learned an abundance of value from the inspirational and impactful guests that are helping us live more optimally and congruently.

We believe that giving is living. So to say thank you to you legendary listeners, we’re giving away some great prizes!

Over the next week, we’ll be giving you the chance to win the following prizes:

✔️ Amazonia – (New RawFit product)
✔️ Aromarrr – Rest, Relax + Recover – Diffuser & 3 oils
✔️ Free pass to our Gut-health online program
✔️ Free pass to our Mental Strength online program 
✔️ Amber Hawken’s signed book ”The Unfu*kwithable Life”
✔️ Kurt Fearnley signed book ”Pushing The Limits”
✔️ Reusable coffee cup from Sol Cups
✔️ Voucher from Livin

To enter, simply follow us on Facebook (@lifeforxlns) and follow the instructions on the pinned post.

If you want to have extra chances to win more prizes, join us in the private Facebook as we’ll be giving away extra places into the online programs. Search the groups section on Facebook for ‘Your life of impact podcast community’.

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  1. Adrian Medcraft on 12/10/2018 at 11:41 PM

    Brett Robbo you are the host of a extreamely valuable podcast impacting me hugely, my man. I am extreamely grateful for the tools you provide. Hearing how challenging it can be to get these truely impactful guests that I’m sure this community deeply appreciates, it you mate, that I tune in to hear each week. Looking forward to the next tonne

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