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Ep. 128 Anthony Minichiello, Healing The Body Naturally & Improving The Health Of Children

Anthony Minichiello is one of Australia’s greatest athletes with a powerful story of recovering from SERIOUS spinal injuries naturally, and using his lived experience to empower all humans to make healthier choices to improve their quality of life! 


As usual when I get High Performance athletes and coaches on this podcast, we don’t really talk too much about his sport.


Mini (Anthony’s nickname) is also the creator of Minifit, which is improving the growth and development of children through physical exercise and education on healthy eating, sleep and hydration. 


He’s a proud husband and father, ambassador for the Sydney Roosters, and a Mentor for The Change Room Program, which is derived from the latest wellbeing and resilience techniques used by high performing individuals and teams across the globe.


Mini is a loyal “one club man” and his career as a player for the Sydney Roosters spanned over 15 seasons, playing in six grand finals and winning two Premierships!

In the representative arena, he played for Australia on 18 occasions, captained Italy in the 2013 World Cup, made 11 appearances for the NSW Blues and represented NSW City four times.

In 2005, Mini won the ‘Golden Boot’, awarded to the player voted the Best in the World!


In this episode we discuss:

  • How he helped heal chronic disc injuries in his spine through changing his approach to his eating.
  • Why surgeons told him he should give up playing football and why he went against this advice and proved them wrong. 
  • His 4 step process around making healthier choices and WHY it’s vital for all humans!
  • We cover intermittent fasting, whole foods, danger of certain oils, benefits of healthy fats, the power of bone broth and so much more around specifics of healthy food choices.
  • We discuss why it’s not actually more expensive to eat well and how you can do it so affordably! 
  • How he and I have always been fit, but not always been healthy and why we were led to believe we were healthy.
  • Athlete transition in alignment with purpose.
  • His passion and purpose to improve the growth and development of children !
  • And so much more.

Follow Mini online:

Instagram: @minichiello001





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