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Ep. 78 The Power Of iRest For Coping With Anxiety, Depression, Grief & Fear with Gerlinde Hayson

Gerlinde Hayson is a yoga teacher, iRest teacher, surf instructor and proud wife & mother. She is one of those beautifully, genuine, authentic souls that has come into mine and Mari’s life and we adore her passion and drive to teach her heart felt desire and be a change maker through her spiritually connected space.…

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  1. Janet Rowell on 07/20/2018 at 8:20 AM

    Wow I just listened to this interview all the way through and I have a tear in my eye. This is so powerful. Thank you Brett and Gerlinde. I rest is helping me so much and I am forever grateful to Gerlinde for introducing this to me 💖🙏

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