Ep. 67 Jamin Heppell. Cultivating Inner Strength & Character For Leadership & Life

Jamin Heppell is an inspiring entrepreneur. Among many other projects, he’s the founding director of Mountains and Marathons, which is for people who are driven, curious and want to leverage their career to create a positive impact on society.

He also co founded Game Changers Australia, which works with sporting players and sporting clubs of all levels to develop leadership and resilience in players and staff and improve local club culture.

In this chat you will learn:

  • The power of experiencing your own rite of passage
  • Fundamental Leadership skills
  • Why Emotional Intelligence is your language of expression
  • Some tools and strategies to help cope with stress, anxiety and other unhelpful energetic conditions.

We also talk about mindset, some hidden truths of masculinity and Jamin exposes some true vulnerabilities that have become breakthrough moments in his life to help him get to where he is today on his epic journey.

Resources discussed in this episode:

New Zealand $1,000 off:  http://www.mountainsandmarathons.world/queenstown-promo/

Mental Strength Training online program: yourlifeofimpact.com/coaching 

Mountains and Marathons website: http://mountainsandmarathons.world/

Mountains and Marathons Social media: @mountainsandmarathons

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