Ep.103, Why New Year Resolutions Fail – & The Power Of Setting Clear Visions & Aligned Intentions, With Brett Robbo

Happy New Year legends.

It’s a beautiful time of the year to create space to reflect on the wins and losses of 2018 and create clear visions and intentions for 2019 to be your best year yet!

In this short episode I discuss why New Year resolutions are like fad diets and some processes we teach to help you identify the key areas of life you can set clear visions and aligned in intentions.

If you’ve just said a New Years Resolution, where’s your accountability? Where’s your inspiration to make you stick to those changes in two months time when everyone’s talking about the easter holidays.

Like with anything in life, you must understand who you are and who you need to be and what your values are, then learn to set daily intentions in line with this.

Don’t let your goals become dreams and wishes, learn how to identify clear processes to set you up for greater fulfilment.


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