Ep. 48 How To Improve Your Sleep To Optimise Your Life, With Our Holistic Health Coach Karl Hughan

Coach Karl is back to help us all dial in our optimal health.

Today he’s helping us optimise our sleep – another vitally important factor to help us operate to the best of our ability in every facet of life.


In this episode we don’t just talk about sleep patterns, but also about best practices during the day to help you sleep at night.  Karl gives a lot of context to the how’s and why’s of habits and patterns to help you sleep better.

This is one of those great reference episodes you can listen to over and over again at different times in your life and implement the tools and strategies he teaches us.

Just a reminder, Karl Hughan is a Functional Medicine and Functional Neurology expert, a holistic health, fitness and performance consultant, business owner and wellness speaker.

He is also MY Life Coach and he’s been instrumental in shaping my journey for the past 2 and a half years.

If you haven’t listened to episode #9 with Karl, I highly recommend you do that so you can hear us talk about many different areas of optimal health and optimal living.

He was also on again in episode #34 talking about the foundations of breathing for optimal living.

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