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Ep. 47 How MateCheck Is Revolutionising The Well-Being World & Saving Peoples Lives, With Principal Psychologist, Tahnee Schulz

ep. 4547 Brett Tahnee

Wow.…. This is one of those episodes I just couldn’t get enough of! Tahnee is an AMAZING woman with such interesting and diversified life experiences and skills and purpose that are aligned and literally saving peoples lives.   In this episode there’s laughs and tears and sooo much valuable information. Tahnee Schulz is an experienced…

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Ep. 40 Christmas Kindness, with Brett Robbo


Merry Christmas Legends. I wanted to do a short episode to wish you all an amazing Xmas, but also to talk about the acts of kindness we can deliver to help us all leverage this festive season. Listen in, get creative with your kindness, log them at and join the gratitude cyclone as we help Kath Koschel…

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Ep. 32 Smashing The Stigma Of Adversity, With Brett Robbo


Are you prepared to change the trajectory of your life? Are you prepared to challenge your Belief Systems? Are you prepared to shift your mindset and turn your Adversity into your Advantage? Congratulations – you’re about to become the best version of yourself. What do I mean by this? In this short impactful episode you…

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Ep.24. Action Advice From The Latest 10 Legends

EP. 24 ACTION ADVICE - the next 10 LEGENDS (1)

This is a short episode that recaps the actionable advice from the latest 10 guests on this podcast. I did this with the first 10 legends and you can find that at episode 18. As great as it is to be inspired by and filled with knowledge, we’re not being impactful or truly growing and…

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Ep.17. Using Kindness To Create Resilience & Save Your Life, With Charity Founder Kath Koschel


Kath Koschel is a former elite level cricketer that has more fight in her than many other professional athletes ever would. Kath’s story is one of inspiration, from a hospital bed contemplating life changing surgery to setting up a movement that drives her every day passion. This episode will have you intrigued at how the…

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