Ep. 49 Connecting The Head & The Heart, With Spiritual Mentor Anita Tropiano

Anita Tropiano is one of the most connected human souls I’ve been lucky enough to share my journey with.

This episode is about nourishing our spiritual health, one of the 7 key areas of life that I work with. An area that you’ve heard many of our guests on this podcast talk about, some deeper than others.

But what does it all mean? Why is it important for us to nourish our spiritual health anyway?

It can all sound a bit abstract, but it kind of refers your deeper relationship with yourself and your greater connection to a higher purpose, and your sense of meaning.

Whatever language you put around it, there’s absolutely no doubt that investing time and energy into this key area of life will expand and grow all other areas of your life, as it really starts to give you much more of an understanding of your belief systems and your emotional intelligence and your overall control.

Most of you will never have heard of Anita before, but i’m happy to say that she also now has her own podcast  and you can start to tap into her abundance of heartfelt value and resources via that and her online presence, that we chat about that in this episode.

You’ll often hear me talk about the power of the mind and how much control we as humans have, that we don’t fully tap into. Well, Anita has actually taught me the powerful connection of the heart and the mind and we talk a lot in this episode about operating from the heart as the number one place!

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Website: anitatropiano.com

Podcast: The World Needs Your Hearts Purpose 

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