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Brett Robbo - FROM COBAR

Before Brett Robbo started his journey in High Performance Sport, he grew up in and finished high school in a small, isolated country town in Australia, called Cobar. With a population of only 5-5,500 people it was great for Brett to stay well connected to his close family and friends - a deep core value of his.

Sporting opportunities flourished for him as he was offered Rugby League contracts in Sydney and Sprinting scholarships at the Australian Institute of Sport, of which he chose the latter and was a full-time sprinter for almost 3 years. For over 13 years Brett has been travelling the World with High Performance sporting teams as a Performance Therapist and Sprints and Jumps Coach, coaching and treating World Record Holders and Olympic and Paralympic Champions.

Brett's journey hasn't always been smooth sailing and he's suffered his fair share of adversity.

Watch the video to find out more and understand the deeper purposeful reason behind Brett’s podcasting journey.

Brett’s life now revolves around helping all humans, not just High Performance Coaches and athletes, tap into their inner excellence and be the best versions of themselves. Some of Brett’s greatest strengths are his beliefs, empathy, emotional intelligence and genuine ability to relate and communicate with all humans. When asked about his “success”, he refers to the famous quote from Tony Robbins: “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure”.

Brett explains that his journey is fulfilling because he nourishes the  key pillars of his life on a regular basis and is very in touch with his core values, belief systems, purpose and mission – “living congruently is living fulfilled” says Brett.



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