Ep. 122 From Fear & limiting Beliefs, To Your Truest Expression, with Dan Kurlapski

Dan Kurlapski is the founder of the Yes& movement that bridges the gap between the thought you have AND the action you take!

YES& involves Meditation Programs, Retreats, Festivals, Arctic Leadership Adventures and Private Coaching.

This is ‘Dan the man’s’ 2nd appearance on Your Life Of Impact and someone i’m grateful to call a great mate. 

If you haven’t listened to Dan’s first episode I highly recommend you do because we spoke a lot about interesting aspects of his life experiences and multiple businesses. People have since reached out and expressed how much it helped them create clarity in their life and also help them to take a leap to say YES &!!!


In this episode we discuss:

  • Why you MUST know your fears intimately!
  • Why your limiting beliefs are an illusion and a reference of your past.
  • How he helps people from feeling ‘stuck’ in their lives to be confident action takers.
  • “The Yoga Of Eating” and the 3 parts to this
  • How eye gazing can help you give and receive energy like never before!
  • Breathwork.
  • The difference between colliberation and collaboration.
  • And what it means to be “unf*#kwittably you”


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