Ep. 68 Transforming Lives Of Those Affected By Human Trafficking, With Project Futures CEO Clare Pearson

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Clare Pearson is the CEO of a foundation called Project Futures, which is giving hope by transforming the lives of women and children affected by human trafficking, slavery and sexual exploitation in Australia and Cambodia. They also connect people to these issues by creating meaningful experiences that raise funds, educate and empower our generation to…

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Ep. 67 Jamin Heppell. Cultivating Inner Strength & Character For Leadership & Life

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Jamin Heppell is an inspiring entrepreneur. Among many other projects, he’s the founding director of Mountains and Marathons, which is for people who are driven, curious and want to leverage their career to create a positive impact on society. He also co founded Game Changers Australia, which works with sporting players and sporting clubs of…

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Ep. 66 Katrina Webb, Breaking Through Fear & Stress. Short Version

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This is a short clip taken from episode one, with the beautiful soul Katrina Webb. As a reminder, Katrina is a 3 time Paralympian and 3 time Paralympic Gold Medalist. She’s a Keynote speaker, Ted X speaker, a Philanthropist and a mother of 3! In this clip, Katrina is talking about when she first got approached to do…

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Ep. 65 Jessica Smith. Developing The Skills To Embrace Adversity, Diversity & Body Image

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Jessica Smith was born as an arm amputee and represented Australia for swimming in the 2004 Paralympic Games. She’s also a loving wife & mother, an author & storyteller, and a highly sought after motivational speaker and MC.  Since retiring from international competition she has dedicated her life to raising awareness around Mental Health and…

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Ep.64 Kurt Fearnley. When People Get Idealised Or Pitied, It’s Disabling For Us. Short Version

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Kurt Fearnley is a great mate of ours and he’s been plastered all over Australia for the past two weeks as he was team captain for Australia for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. He won a silver medal in the T54 1500m and won Gold in the wheelchair Marathon and was also awarded the honour of being flag bearer…

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