Ep.123 Reframing Failure & Making Your Visions Your Reality, with Mari Olsson

Mari Olsson is Sweden’s greatest creation!

She’s also is a former professional Race Walker and was Sweden’s national champion for the women’s 20km race walk.

Mari is one of the founding directors of Mudlife OCR, an awesome competitive Obstacle Course Race company in Sweden that’s now branched into physical and mental training camps.

Mari is a qualified Personal Trainer and Mental Strength Training coach, working with passionate individuals and groups to enhance and optimise their physical and mental health and is the creator of the LIFE Training branch of our company.

As Mari’s fiancè I can give my very biased and love blinded perception of her awesomeness, but if there’s one main thing she stands out for in living life congruently that you can all gain value from, it’s the power and importance of setting visions and making them a reality!

This episode was recorded in two sections. The first half of this episode was when Mari was pregnant and four days overdue.  The second half was recorded almost five weeks after the birth of our little legend, Oliver.

We obviously could’ve taken this in so many directions. We chat a little bit about our story but as always, it’s about bringing value to you legends and Mari certainly provides an abundance of value around personal development and human behaviour.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Mari has taken the work ethic and “grit” mindset from HP sport into her new abundant life.
  • the skill of FOCUS
  • The power and importance of Vision planning
  • reframing failure when you don’t reach your goals
  • the real growth from getting outside your comfort zone – physically and mentally
  • mindsets and strategies to help break through your fears
  • Pregnancy and birthing challenges
  • Mari’s goals and strategies to regain her strength and fitness after giving birth
  • And the real intensity of race walking! 

I’m abundantly proud of this girl and it’s with that beaming pride that I bring you the legend herself, my gorgeous fiancé, Mari Olsson.


Follow Mari online:
instagram: @lifeforxlns and @mariolsson and @mudlifeocr
Facebook: @lifeforxlns

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