Ep. 57 Every Day Is A Battle Of The Same War. Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn, With Benny Hewlett

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Benny Hewlett was in the Australian military for 14 years. 

You know when you meet people, and you feel that they humbly have so much to offer to the world, but their level of presence and the way they deliver their impact is so genuine and right, that you just want to have everyone you know spend time with that person to learn from the kindness that oozes from their soul – welcome to the life of Benny Hewlett!

This episode goes pretty deep. Benny shares some intriguing life experiences in and out of the defence force that have shaped some of his greatest life experiences and also carved some of his deepest mental  scars.

You’ll learn a lot about Benny’s battles with mental ill health and what coping strategies work for him.

If you’ve experienced any major challenges or adversities in your life or have a lived experience of mental ill health, or know someone who has, you will gain a lot of value from this episode!

We also dive into Benny’s development and organisation of his biggest charity fundraiser ever, that’s happening in October 2018..It’s a pretty cool story and for anyone interested in the movie called “running on empty” from 1982, this section is for you! 

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Running On Empty Festival 2018 – Facebook


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