Ep. 61 Retrain Your Booze Brain, With Entrepreneur & Charity Founder Benny Wallington

Benny Wallington is the creator of a charity called Good Seats and he’s also the founder and creator of a community called 101 tokens, that teaches people how to retrain their booze brains.

This concept is going gangbusters globally, he’s been on several major TV and radio stations promoting the community and the concepts. It’s even supported by health professionals because of the way he’s teaching people how to hack their drinking habits and providing support and powerful information during the process!

Even if you don’t feel the need to retrain your booze brain, you will get a lot of value from this episode as we dive into the business startup world, community perspectives, why Benny wears party shirts even on national television and he turns the questions on me at the end which is a bit of fun.

You will also learn the 4 pillar approach to help establish your mindful drinking and how the 101 experts are in the community to help build the support network.

Follow Benny Wallington and 101 tokens online:

Website: 101tokens.com 

Facebook: 101 tokens exclusive group


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