Ep. 62 Developing The NoXcuses Mindset, with Paralympic Triathlete Brant Garvey

Brant teaches us that guts, grit, determination, focus and resilience are the building blocks of NoXcuses.

Brant is an above knee amputee, Paralympic triathlete. He’s a father, a husband, speaker and a catalyst of the NoXcuses Mindset.

If you know that excuses are holding you back from being the best version of yourself, you’re going to love this chat with this genuine legend, who’s also collaborated with a group who have launched a wellbeing app on resilience, called RESILnZ. 

You’ll hear a lot of the topics we talk about in this episode relating to the mental strength training and development of the right mindsets to help you navigate life.

If you’re keen to learn some of the habits, tools and strategies to help you boost your confidence and enhance your mental strength, jump onto yourlifeofimpact.com/coaching and find out more about the 6 week online program.

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Website: brantgarvey.com

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