Ep. 90 Cracking The Code Of Life Part 2 – Breathing

We are all born breathing, but are you breathing efficiently?

How do you even know?

What is efficient breathing?

Why is efficient breathing important?

Welcome to another edition of Cracking The Code Of Life, Where I discuss a foundational element of what it means to live the human experience and tap back into these powerful foundations that can often be overlooked when we’re looking for answers, or health, or life fixes.

In this episode I discuss some scientifically proven benefits to breathing efficiently, such as:

  • Decreasing anxiety and depression
  • Improving sleep
  • Reducing pain
  • Linking your gut health and the gut-brain connection.
  • Improving your immune system

Plus many more amazing benefits!

I also take you through some coherence breathing to teach you how to create more hormonal and physiological balance for yourself.

Your breathing is one of the most powerful tools you have – AND, it’s a free tool you get to take with you everywhere you go!!!


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