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Choice – How to make Big Decisions Congruently

Below is the letter of resignation to my employer, Athletics Australia;

For the past 13 years I’ve been involved in Paralympic sport, as a training partner when I was an athlete at the Australian Institute of Sport training under Iryna Dvoskina, as a Soft Tissue Therapist for a variety of Paralympic sports, and as a full time Para Athletics Sprints and Jumps coach for Athletics Australia over the past 6 years.

I’m passionate about Paralympic sport and inspired by the courage and resilience these athletes display on a daily basis to strive to be the best athletes in the World.

I believe my involvement in Paralympic sport has been part of my purpose in life and I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities I have experienced on my journey.

Athletics Australia has supported me on my coaching journey and allowed me to hone my skills and align with my coaching philosophy – “To help my athletes become better people holistically, which in turn allows them become better athletes”.

Two and a half years ago I faced massive adversity in my life that took me on an emotional journey I didn’t know could exist, and Athletics Australia have been there to support me through this which has been amazing.

My growth in the past 2 years from a personal development and emotional intelligence perspective has allowed me to gain a deep understanding of my being, my purpose and my mission.

It is with a lot of authentic processes and time that has led me to this decision to step away from my current full-time coaching position with Athletics Australia.

I truly believe I have a deeper purpose to impact the lives of Hundreds Of Thousands of people and that I can be of a greater influence in the lives of the inspiring para athletes on my new journey.

This is a major decision in my life that changes my daily being and daily existence, but I feel extremely congruent with this choice as I am choosing in alignment with my core values and big visions.

I can’t thank Athletics Australia enough. Full time coaching roles in our country and in this sport are rare and I’m forever grateful for this platform you have provided me with. Extended thanks also go to the NSW Institute of Sport and the Australian Institute of Sport for hosting me in my coaching position and going above and beyond to allow my professional development to grow.

I will proudly remain coaching for the upcoming World Para Athletics Championships in London and the World Junior Para Championships in Switzerland, with my final day of employment on August 18th. Through this period I am working closely with my athletes to help guide them in the best direction of their future as elite para athletes.

As I shine my light on my new journey and proudly Enhance and Optimise my grandparents legacy, I will carry the strength and honour of the amazing people who I have been grateful to walk beside over the past 6 years at Athletics Australia and the past 13 years deeply entrenched in Paralympic sport.

Below is the extended Version for this blog;

I have invested time, energy and money into my optimal personal development over the past 2 years.  I am proud to have the skills and grateful for the belief that I have all the answers inside of me – whatever the questions or choices may be.

In the past I have looked externally for “answers” or opportunities. I have been influenced by career paths and pay cheques. Now, I live my truest, most authentic self, let that be light, and understand that because my deep why is connected to my purpose, I am living fulfilled.

I am not chasing happiness. I am not chasing “success”. I am living congruently with my values, my purpose and my mission. I am creating the optimal life for my family and I by aligning our choices in the direction of our BIG visions and audacious goals.

“Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure” – Tony Robbins

Written By Brett Robbo

About the author, Brett

Brett Robbo is a High Performance and Mindset Life Coach, working with elite Olympic and Paralympic athletes, and academic and corporate clients pursuing excellence.

He is also the host of the podcast 'Your Life Of Impact' that hit #1 on the Australian iTunes New & Noteworthy. "The purpose of this podcast is to provide an abundance of value to my community, impacting the lives of Hundreds of Thousands of people through helping them tap into their Inner excellence. This is done through Inspirational stories and actionable take-homes".

Brett consults as a Performance Therapist to Olympic level Track and Field Athletes, Sydney Swans AFL, and various other High Performance athletes and teams. He consults as a Mindset Life Coach to many individuals all around the world via online communication.

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