Ep. 35 From Mental Ill Health To Creating Cyclones of Gratitude For The World, With Former Australian Rugby player, Clyde Rathbone.

This is another episode with a sporting legend that we don’t really talk much about their sporting career because he has so much to offer from his other life experiences.

Clyde Rathbone is a former Australian Rugby Union player, turned mental health advocate, writer and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of an online platform called Karma which is a social network that is all about meaningful human connection.

Clyde was born in South Africa where he played all of his junior years of Rugby, before signing with the ACT Brumbies in Australia at the age of 22.

Clyde’s career lasted only 7 seasons in Australia before he was forced to retire due to injuries, but 3 years after retiring he made a comeback for one last season, again with the Brumbies.

He also played for the Australian Wallabies national team for 3 years and was qualified to play by virtue of having an Australia-born paternal grandmother.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How the development of a positive social media platform is harnessing the power of human stories and creating a cyclone of gratitude
  • You will learn about depression in sport from a lived experience,
  • How studying and practicing mindfulness and meditation has helped to save Clydes life
  • The difference between being fit and being healthy, and this relationship to Optimal Living
  • And how you can have the opportunity to enhance any relationship in your life and also get a kick out of it yourself by joining the Karma community

Resources discussed in this episode:


Twitter – @ClydeRathbone

Facebook – @karmawiki


Sam Harris – Waking Up

Daniel Gilbert – Stumbling on happiness.

“The emotional Life of the brain”

To get your free audiobook, go to yourlifeofimpactbook.com

Dr Russ Harriss: The Happiness Trap (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)

Article on giving introductions that i spoke about before connecting Clyde with Ath and Dr Kerry: https://www.thriveglobal.com/stories/7534-the-gift-we-love-to-receive-but-forget-to-give?utm_source=Arianna&utm_medium=Instagram 

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