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Before He Was A Coach, He Almost Lost His Life – Brett Bartholomew

Brett Bartholomew is a strength coach to NFL superstars, MMA power houses, and legendary weekend warriors, but life hasn’t always been this great for Brett.

At the age of 15, Brett came dangerously close to losing his life.

When some of his childhood friends and members of his primary social circle started experimenting with hard-core drugs, and his family dynamics changed rapidly due to a divorce, Brett turned to training and exercise to help him deal with the tough circumstances.

Training hard was what Brett knew best, and also what he thought was best for him, but even this couldn’t prevent his onset of depression.

A hobby and escape soon gave way to an exercise addiction that brought him to the point of near cardiac arrest as well as kidney and liver failure.

At an age where he should’ve been enjoying quality time with friends and family, and relishing in his passions and hobbies, he was hospitalised for nearly a year of his life.

Pressured into a system of pharmaceuticals, therapy, and questionable dietary practices that clearly weren’t helping. Brett decided to explore other options, and dedicated himself to become more educated on sound training strategies. Ones which would help him hopefully restore his health.

After spending 8 months in hospital and over a year in treatment, Brett learned more about himself and the power of emotional intelligence than he could ever learn in any classroom environment.

Through properly educating himself on scientifically validated approaches to nutrition and strength training, Brett periodised an approach that ultimately helped save his own life.

From his darkest adversity Brett has learned how to coach an athlete from the inside out, and knows emotional agility to be the driving force to get the most out of his athletes.

What was no doubt the darkest time in Brett Bartholomew’s life, now shapes the foundation for his passion for helping people become the best humans they can be.

As a coach and a human being on this planet, Brett challenges himself daily to understand the athletes and people around him on a deeper level. This enables him to help them tap into their inner excellence.

Brett has an inspiring story. His near death experience as a teenager shaped his coaching style, and inspires him to be a great leader and influencer in the lives of others.

About the author, Brett

Brett Robbo is a High Performance and Mindset Life Coach, working with elite Olympic and Paralympic athletes, and academic and corporate clients pursuing excellence.

He is also the host of the podcast 'Your Life Of Impact' that hit #1 on the Australian iTunes New & Noteworthy. "The purpose of this podcast is to provide an abundance of value to my community, impacting the lives of Hundreds of Thousands of people through helping them tap into their Inner excellence. This is done through Inspirational stories and actionable take-homes".

Brett consults as a Performance Therapist to Olympic level Track and Field Athletes, Sydney Swans AFL, and various other High Performance athletes and teams. He consults as a Mindset Life Coach to many individuals all around the world via online communication.

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