Ep.107 Emotional Literacy & Getting Conscious, With Dr Ali Walker

Dr Ali Walker is a Lecturer and Research Fellow in leadership and creating social change, the author of bestselling book Get Conscious: How to Stop Overthinking & Come Alive, and a contributor to The House of Wellness TV program on Channel 7 Australia and speaks regularly for companies, organisations and schools about leadership and wellbeing.

Ali spent several years researching consciousness, social change, and law with a doctorate from the Australian National University. Her work focuses on the question: What conditions and systems lead to personal and social flourishing?

I absolutely loved this chat with Ali and I could’ve spoken for another hour. Her understanding of human behaviour and more so her ability to communicate it, is brilliant.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What it means to get conscious and live consciously.
  • The 4 steps to being in the moment.
  • The difference between thinking and feeling and some tools you can implement to help you navigate life better.
  • Parenting tips and the importance of emotional literacy.
  • Human connection, and the human connection quiz that allows you to understand yourself and others much better and how this can improve your relationships.
  • And so much more.

Follow Ali online:

Website: www.draliwalker.com

Instagram: @draliwalker


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