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Ep. 138 How To Adopt A Solution Based Mindset, with Dave POW Tabain

Are you ready for some belly laughs AND inspiration to take action in your life?

Dave POW Tabain is a best selling author, creator of ‘The 30 Day Challenge’, 3 x kettlebell world champion, thriving entrepreneur and is fast becoming an iconic Aussie legend.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How to Eat Think and Do your way to your best self.
  • Specific strategies you can implement to improve key areas of your life.
  • How to develop a solution based mindset!
  • The power of words in your mind and a strategy to shift negatives into positives.
  • How being bullied and witnessing a lot of bullying in school is a deep driver for Dave to continue writing his best selling children’s books.
  • How he’s teaching kids to grow beyond their challenges and become the victor instead of the victim.
  • And so much more around human behaviour, child psychology and development.

Follow Dave online:

Instagram: @davepowtabain

Facebook: @David Pow Tabain

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