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Ep. 132 Emotionally Intelligent Parenting Part 3 – Expectations, with Brett Robbo

There’s power AND potency in expectations!

In this short episode I vulnerably discuss how my expectations fuelled frustration and even fear within me recently and how i’ve struggled with this since my beautiful son Oliver was born! 

I also unpack the blessings and curses of expectations from a few different perspectives:

  • One from Kurt Fearnley and his belief about us not having high enough expectations of ourselves.
  • One from Tony Robbins and his famous quote to “Trade your expectations for appreciation and your whole world changes in an instant!”
  • References from one of my favourite recent book discoveries “Emotional Equations: Simple Formulas To Help Your Life Work Better”

Are your expectations helping you or hindering you? Do they fuel you or deflate you? 

What tools will you use to navigate your emotional agility, your mindset, your actions and your quality of life?!


Resources discussed in this episode:

Book: “Emotional Equations: Simple Formulas To Help Your Life Work Better”



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