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Ep. 147 Thriving Through Challenge, with Matt Elliott

Matt Elliott developed The Change Room after overcoming a serious condition doctors said he’d be stuck with for the rest of his life. After a year of suffering, he turned to cutting-edge techniques that his mates had used to beat their injuries and illnesses.

Six weeks later he was cured. His doctors were stunned. Now he spends his days helping others recover and repair. 

He draws on his 28-year NRL career as a coach and player to motivate people into finding a new lease on life. 

In this episode we dive into beliefs and challenges related to the covid-19 pandemic and how he and his company have had to adapt and evolve.

Matty drops plenty of gold knowledge bombs around mental and emotional wellbeing to help us all thrive.

This is the second episode on this podcast with Matty and if you haven’t listened to the first i’d highly recommend you check it out here:

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