Ep. 54 Holistic Health Views Of Community And Sport, With Award Winning Radio Broadcaster, Geoff Mann

Geoff Mann is genuine, country legend who’s been a radio broadcaster for almost 30 years.

Geoff was awarded the best country sports broadcaster 7 years in a row at the Australian Commercial Radio awards and also won the national award for the Best Sporting Broadcast in Australia in 2003. 

Whilst Geoff is known as the “Mr Sport of the central West”. The main reason I wanted to get him onto the podcast is because of his huge commitment to and impact in community.

When I think of Geoff Mann, I think of Community. 

We cover the history and evolution of community sport, the power of connecting in community for holistic health and longevity and his deeper WHY behind his passion for radio.

Listen To Geoff’s Radio Segment Online:


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