Ep.108 How To Optimise Your Gut Health & Gut Brain Connection, With Functional Medicine Practitioner Karl Hughan

We’re pumped to help you cut through the confusion and get clarity about your health and wellbeing from the gut, to the gut-brain connection and beyond!

Karl Hughan is a Functional Medicine practitioner and Functional Neurology expert. He’s a holistic health, fitness and performance consultant, business owner and wellness speaker and this is his fourth tim on this podcast! 

Karl’s knowledge of gut health and the gut brain connection is, well, expert level. This is what he does, he helps people identify and improve these key areas of their health, in such a holistic and aligned way to see improvements in all key areas.

We also discuss how you can improve your gut health and gut brain connection in our new online program, designed to help cut through the confusion & get clarity about your health & wellbeing from the gut & beyond, learning how to implement practical steps into YOUR life.

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