Ep.28 Breaking Down Judgement

What is judgement? Let’s break it down and not let it break us down.

Judgement is essentially self-righteousness, meaning self-satisfaction or superiority.

When Judgement occurs, it only ever happens from your own experience. Your perception of someone’s choices and journey and your judgement of this, is based on your belief systems, your values and your life experience.

As humans, we all have our own vision and goals and uniqueness. When people judge us, that’s because they lack our vision and experience and compare it to their own – Which is great!

What works for me is awesome….For me! It doesn’t mean it’s right for anyone else.

What works for you is awesome… For you!

Anyone in the world who is doing amazing things are always being judged.

Muhammad Ali was undoubtedly one of the most judged people of his era. He learned to harness this and use it as fuel by making it his best friend in his pursuit as ‘The Greatest’ boxer and activist of all time.

Judgement, or perceived judgement of ourselves, can be a limiting factor in us achieving our goals and visions. If we think we’re being judged or will be judged, we’re less likely to pursue with intent.

When people are judging you, send them love, because they’re confused.

Learn to make judgment your new best friend!

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