Ep 1, Part 1. Mindset, Values, Purpose and Fulfilment with Katrina Webb

Katrina Webb is  a 3 time Paralympian and 3 time Paralympic Gold Medalist

She’s a Keynote speaker, Ted X speaker, a Philanthropist and a mother of 3!

Seriously guys, this episode blew my mind on how many aha moments and Gold knowledge bombs Katrina was able to share. She is one of the most inspirational women I’m lucky enough to know.

This episode is unapologetically long and we still didn’t cover everything, but i have split it into 2 episodes for your listening convenience. If you’re new to the long form and new to podcasting, just remember you can come back to listening at any time.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What fear actually is and processes to help overcome fear
  • How to not let negative thoughts dictate your mind and how you have the power to control your mind
  • Why Giving is such a powerful process in creating success and fulfilment
  • How Choice, Acceptance, Presence and Belief will help you achieve your goals and visions.
  • And how values and purpose are the most important drivers in our lives


We also speak about:

  • Katrina’s tough situation at the age of 18 that completely changed her life
  • How her time on Mount Everest is her fulfilment
  • What it was like having dinner with Sir Richard Branson and Usain Bolt


Resources discussed in this episode:

Katrina’s newday conference “Ambitious Leaders. Radical Change”

Katrina’s TED X Talk: The Alchemy Of Performance

The Happiness Trap (Dr Russ Harris) This is the book we both raved about!!!

Carol Dweck (Mindset) Another Brilliant Resource!

Steven Covey 7 habits of highly effective people


Find Katrina online:

website Katrinawebb.com.au

Facebook @katrinawebboam

instagram @katrina_l_webb

twitter – @KatrinLWebb


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