Ep.64 Kurt Fearnley. When People Get Idealised Or Pitied, It’s Disabling For Us. Short Version

Kurt Fearnley is a great mate of ours and he’s been plastered all over Australia for the past two weeks as he was team captain for Australia for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. He won a silver medal in the T54 1500m and won Gold in the wheelchair Marathon and was also awarded the honour of being flag bearer for Australia in the closing ceremony.

Whilst Kurt is praised as a national icon for his achievements in sport, i’m more intrigued and proud of his role as a voice for disability and you’ll hear the passion in his voice in this short clip.

This is a short clip taken from the episode I did with Kurt in early 2017 where we dived into every aspect of life, including family, mental health, crawling the kokoda trail, the fact that his parents had to name him fast because the doctors believed he wasn’t going to live for long, and so much more.

If you want to hear the full episode with this legend, it’s number two on this podcast if you scroll back to the beginning on your podcast app, or go to yourlifeofimpact.com/kurtfearnley

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