Ep. 102 Emotional Capacity, Spirituality & Healing Disease Through Healthy Habits, With Former NRL Coach Matthew Elliott

Matty Elliott is a former professional rugby league player, former NRL coach and currently still commentating for the NRL, all this at the highest level and had a successful career in each area.

However, as with most elite coaches and athletes I have on this podcast, we barely talk about the sport.

He’s also the managing director of health and wellbeing at Zenergy group, which is a holistic provider of Safety, Health & Wellbeing services across the Asia Pacific.

Matty is a very aligned, spiritual being with a perspective of the world that I admire.

In this episode we discuss:

–       Emotional Capacities and how it compares to physical capacities.

–       Aggression Vs Intensity

–       How the Change Room program is changing and impacting people’s lives for the better.

–       Former NRL star Anthony Minichiello’s debilitating spinal conditions and his amazing recovery from through changing his eating habits and respecting his gut health more.

–       Right near the end Matty also opens up about an Autoimmune Disease that had him buckled, that he cured through changing his eating habits and investing into his gut health.

–       We talk a lot about spirituality and the scientific evidence behind WHY things like meditating and kindness and caring are part of cracking the code of life.


Follow Matty online:

Website: changeroom.com.au

Linkedin: The Change Room


Other resources discussed on this episode:

Book: The Biology Of Belief, Dr Bruce Lipton 

Meditations: Deepak Chopra

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You’ll hear Matty talking about the power and importance of understanding how to treat your body from the inside out to enhance and optimise your health. This online program will be a powerful tool to help with many areas of your health!

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  1. Adrian Medcraft on 12/31/2018 at 10:02 PM

    Such a great episode. It’s great to come across blokes that are so connected to their spirituality, have dived really deep into the self. This episode is one of my favourites on your podcast.

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