Ep. 46 Mental Health – A Congruent Perspective, with Brett Robbo

In this short episode I share some of my learnings, insights and perceptions on Mental Health and how we can all maximise this key area of Life.

You’ll also be reminded of some resources to help you nourish your mental health.

This is not an episode about mental illness. This is about Mental Health, which refers to our cognitive, and/or emotional wellbeing. It’s referring to how we think, feel and behave.

In this episode you will learn:

  • About Mental Resiliency
  • The importance of “Brain Foods”
  • Why “Movement is Medicine”
  • The power of Gratitude
  • And more!

Remember, optimal living isn’t just about us feeling great for the period of our lives. Optimal living is about operating at a frequency that allows everyone in our presence to energise themselves and create prosperity in our existence.

Stop and ask yourself this question: Am I nourishing and optimising my mental health for my prosperity, and that of the people around me?

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