Ep. 36 Mental Strength Training To Become The Best Version Of Yourself, With Brett Robbo

You’ve heard all the inspirational and influential guests on this podcast talk about it. You know it from other World Class leaders, performers and community legends that inspire you.

The best version of ourselves does not just appear. It won’t just knock on your door. This is a result of learning & implementing the right habits & mindsets and consistently taking action in the direction of your goals & visions.

Whether your goals are to be the best parent for your children, improve your health and fitness, create success in your career/business or live your ideal life.

Do you seriously VALUE your life & want to learn how to make the best choices on a regular basis, to help you live optimally & in alignment with your dreams, goals & visions?

This is a short episode to remind us that the right habits, tools and strategies can help us optimise our lives.

This is also your opportunity to sign up for my online program to teach you some of these powerful  habits, tools and strategies.

You can find out all the information at yourlifeofimpact.com/coaching 

This exciting opportunity kicks off in late January 2018 and places are limited to create strong accountability groups, so jump on now and secure your place in the group.


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