Ep.109 Understanding Men Better & The Importance Of Meaningful Conversations That Break The Stereotype, With Mike Campbell

This episode is about why we need to and how we can go beyond the surface level conversations and talk about “the shit that matters” – as Mike terms it.

Whilst there’s a lot of reference to men, there’s an abundance of value for you wonderful women listening as I believe it’ll help give you a better understanding of us male creatures and also give you some connection to this man Mike, that could help you, or the man in your life.

Mike Campbell is men’s coach, author, founder of The School of Personal Mastery coaching program for men. He’s the creator of the interview show and events, Beyond The Beers: Conversations with men that break the stereotype to encourage men to start embracing more meaningful conversations in their own lives.

Mike supports everyday men from across the globe who are questioning where they’re at in life, to “sort their shit out and get what they want in relationships and life”.

I really enjoyed this yarn, this chat, this meaningful conversation that went beyond the beers and dived into the shit that matters – and we both shared some vulnerabilities – as you do as blokes, as people, as curious humans! 


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