Ep.110 The Beauty & Challenges Of The Nomadic Lifestyle & Why Travel Can Change Your Life, With Nicola Easterby

Nicola Easterby is a 24-year old Aussie photographer and travel blogger behind the brand Polkadot Passport, which now receives over 1 million hits a year, has amassed 280,000 followers on social media, won numerous awards and has been featured on the likes of Lonely Planet, Huffington Post and the Daily Mail.

Nicola is a beautiful soul and her photography is stunning, she definitely achieves her goal which is to inspire people to get outside their comfort zones and explore the world and themselves.

I really enjoyed this chat with Nicola to get a better understanding about some of the opportunities and challenges of the online world and creating a nomadic lifestyle and company.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What a travel blogger actually is
  • The behind the scenes challenges of living this nomadic lifestyle
  • Nicola’s big audacious goals to grow her brand and expand into retreats
  • Intriguing travel experiences from Nicola and Robbo
  • The power of Instagram for the positive aspects
  • Why it’s important to separate yourself from your brand, especially when working online
  • And so much more

Follow Nicola online:

Instagram: @polkadotpassport

Website: polkadotpassport.com

Facebook: @polkadotpassport


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