Ep. 71 Osher Gunsberg Interviewing Brett Robbo. Growth & Impact

I’m really proud to share this episode with you where I am interviewed on another podcast – The Osher Günsberg podcast.

Osher Günsberg is a TV, radio and podcast host. 

He currently hosts the TV shows The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and does the voice over for the internationally recognised TV series, Bondi Rescue, among many other gigs. 

What intrigues me about Osher is his deep level of understanding of himself. He’s had a VERY interesting personal journey that has led him down some spiritual paths and a lot of deep work on himself, both from professional help and his own desire to discover more and more.

We’re both Human Behaviour junkies and we’ve been sharing some material with each other since this interview to help enhance our knowledge in different areas. 

In this episode Osher and I discuss:

  • Talent Vs Commitment
  • Life as an elite athlete
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Mental Health and Mental Wellness
  • Transitions through different phases in our life
  • The deeper effect of gratitude
  • The power of mindset shifts
  • and so much more!

Resources discussed in this episode:

Mental Strength Training Online Program:



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