Ep.105 From Millions Of Dollars To Millions Of Impacts – The True Power Of Giving, With Paul Dunn

Paul Dunn is a 4 times Tedx speaker, master presenter, mentor for global entrepreneurs and the host of The Global Impact Summit.

Paul is also the cofounder and chairman of B1G1, which is a non-profit that gives businesses the opportunity to give back in an impactful way!

B1G1 exists because it unlocks that power like nothing else, creating a powerful connected group of business owners and their teams who really do ‘get’ giving and making a difference.

Paul is an extremely successful businessman and one of the first 10 people involved in the unbelievably successful creation of Hewlett Packard.

He’s created ,multiple multi-million dollar businesses and featured alongside Richard Branson in Forbes magazine.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The big power of giving small
  • What Impact means to him
  • The habit of giving
  • The abundant power of human connection
  • How charities can benefit significantly from being involved with B1G1
  • Some gaps in human behaviour in the business world that he believes can strengthen businesses
  • And so much more!

Paul Dunn is a 75 year old genuine, authentic legend and someone we can all learn a million lessons from, especially around the power of giving and gratitude!

Follow Paul and B1G1 online:

Website: B1G1.com

Facebook: @b1g1 giving

Other resources discussed:

Ted Talk on AJ Jacobs about gratitude of coffee journey

Mental Strength Training online program: yourlifeofimpact.com


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