Ep.74 Your Daily Habits Define Who You Are, With Olympian Rach Neylan

Rachel Neylan is a Professional Road Cyclist who competed for Australia at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

She’s also a World Championship silver medalist and is currently competing for the Movistar team of Spain.

Rach was also a physiotherapist for the Australian rowing team and is a podcast and audiobook addict like me.

I’ve known Rach for a couple of years now and i’ve always been intrigued and inspired by her grit as an athlete, but also her determination to look for the 1%ers beyond the traditional means of what’s available in the High Performance sporting structures.  

I also have an immense amount of thanks and gratitude to Rach for connecting me with Osher Gunsberg

In this episode we discuss:

  • The emotional perspective of wearing the green and gold.
  • How some of the toughest times in Rachel’s life have made her more resilient.
  • The power of tapping into your spiritual health.
  • Where female cycling is at in it’s growth phase.
  • The legacy Rach is building for younger females in the health space, not just athletes, but all females.
  • And much more around health, resilience and human behaviour.

Follow Rach online:

Instagram and Twitter: @rachneylan

Facebook: @rachelneylanofficial

Website: rachelneylan.com

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