Radical Reboot Summit For Your Holistic Health, With Brett Robbo

In this short episode I discuss the opportunity for you to join a FREE online summit to enhance your holistic health and holistic excellence, which includes 20 expert guests and is hosted by Robyn Lynch – Wellness Strategist & Ayurvedic Practitioner.

It’s called:

YOUR RADICAL REBOOT SUMMIT: How to reset your life through Ayurveda, Authentic Power and Self-Love.



Starting April 16, you can join us for two weeks of actionable tips to radically reset your life, accessing unique and life-changing ways to address diet, stress levels, hormonal balance, success and to create whole life harmony.

We will discuss Ayurveda, Stress Management, Meditation, Digestion and Diet, Reversing Alzheimer’s, Hormonal Balance, Yoga and True and Lasting Success.

This is all online. You can access it anytime over the period of the summit and for a period after it finishes. Anywhere you have internet you can tap into the awesomeness! 

If you are keen, and I assume you will be, simply click on the link below and it’ll take you directly to the signup page where you can register for free:


Listen to this short episode for more information on how this summit can benefit you.

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