Ep. 76 The power Of Being Authentic, Ethical & Sustainable In Business & In Life, With Rebecca Veksler

Rebecca Veksler is an abundantly connected human soul resonating at a frequency that oozes passion and pride for who she is, what she does and the impact she’s making on the planet and in other people’s lives along her journey. 

Rebecca is the managing director for Sol Products, an environmentally friendly brand who “are for ending waste and embracing taste. Happy, healthy, sustainable and beautiful, we’ve designed our hand blown glass cups using materials that keep the heat in and the nasties out”.

Public speaking, human behaviour, health and the psychology behind business is what she’s most passionate about.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Major health issues that took Rebecca to rock bottom and were her catalyst to build her vibrant business and community
  • The power and importance of being ethical and sustainable in business and in life.
  • Why transparent, no BS, authentic and honest communication is a great way to operate in business.
  • What it’s like having your mum as your business partner.
  • Why understanding yourself and human behaviour is so powerful in business and why she thrives in this space.
  • And so many more interesting avenues we dive into  


Follow Sol Cups online, order your environmentally friendly products today and start doing your bit for the environment:

Website: solcups.com

Instagram: @solcups

Facebook: @solcups


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