Ep. 79 If You Think Like This You Can Strengthen Your Identity, With Brett Robbo

You are the identity you create!

How well do you know your true state of being?

Dr Joe Dispenza is an international lecturer and researcher on the mind, brain and human potential and in this short episode I break down some of his proven philosophies that you can learn and implement into your own life.

We also look at other world class teaching methods from Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Dr Michael Gervais, Nam Baldwin and some Paralympic champions who create powerful mindset shifts to build their true character and state of being.

How well do you understand the processes to tap into your mind and create your ideal being?

This is part of what you’ll learn and benefit from in the Mental Strength Training online program which is a collection of proven techniques and philosophies moulded with our uniqueness.

Understanding your thought dynamics and enhancing your emotional intelligence is helping you create your best state of being – your best self.

These programs provide the structure of learning, your personal development material and the guidance and accountability for you to establish the powerful mindset shifts, habits and strategies to improve your quality of life.

We’re actually only offering this next intake of the mental strength training until mid August and then we’re taking a break from this format. So if you have been thinking about completing it and have been putting off, or if you’re just keen to get amongst it then now is the time because we don’t actually know when we’ll be running them again.

And just remember, once you do the program you have the material forever!

Jump onto yourlifeofimpact.com/coaching and join us for our last intake of the Mental Strength Training program for the foreseeable future.

Remember, you have the material forever, it’s self paced learning so you can attend to the material when it best suits you, you can reach out to Mari and I anytime for personal guidance and accountability, you’ll have special guest appearances from inspiring legends and you’ll feel proud because you’ll be investing into your best self.


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