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Ep. 61 Retrain Your Booze Brain, With Entrepreneur & Charity Founder Benny Wallington

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Benny Wallington is the creator of a charity called Good Seats and he’s also the founder and creator of a community called 101 tokens, that teaches people how to retrain their booze brains. This concept is going gangbusters globally, he’s been on several major TV and radio stations promoting the community and the concepts. It’s even…

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Ep. 57 Every Day Is A Battle Of The Same War. Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn, With Benny Hewlett

ep. 37 don wettrick Benny Hewlett

Benny Hewlett was in the Australian military for 14 years.  You know when you meet people, and you feel that they humbly have so much to offer to the world, but their level of presence and the way they deliver their impact is so genuine and right, that you just want to have everyone you…

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Ep. 55 Dominating The World Stage In Cricket, Commentary & Adoption Issues, With Lisa Sthalekar

ep. 29 john lee dumas 55 Lisa Sthalekar

Lisa Sthalekar  is the former captain of Australia’s international women’s cricket team who retired from international cricket after winning the 2013 Women’s cricket World Cup.   Lisa has had a very decorated career and has now moved into commentary for the mens and womens cricket on the world stage. As with most athletes on this podcast,…

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Ep. 40 Christmas Kindness, with Brett Robbo


Merry Christmas Legends. I wanted to do a short episode to wish you all an amazing Xmas, but also to talk about the acts of kindness we can deliver to help us all leverage this festive season. Listen in, get creative with your kindness, log them at and join the gratitude cyclone as we help Kath Koschel…

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Ep. 31 Triggering Your Leap Muscle To Develop Courage & Confidence, With Dan Kurlapski

Ep. 31 Dan kurlapski from YES & (1)

Dan Kurlapski is the founder of the Yes& movement that bridges the gap between the thought you have and the action you take. He’s a meditation teacher, life coach, and director of the physiotherapy chain called imove physio. Dan is one of those legends whose paths I crossed through our mutual connection of the abundant…

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