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Ep. 46 Mental Health – A Congruent Perspective, with Brett Robbo

Short EP - Brett Robbo (1)

In this short episode I share some of my learnings, insights and perceptions on Mental Health and how we can all maximise this key area of Life. You’ll also be reminded of some resources to help you nourish your mental health. This is not an episode about mental illness. This is about Mental Health, which…

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Episode 000 With Brett Robbo. What this podcast journey is all about

ep. 000 Brett Robbo

What is Your Life Of Impact About? We connect with Big Impactors in their communities and we go deep. We explore their Mindsets, Habits, Values and Belief Systems. We engage in their Vulnerabilities and Adversities and seek out their “fear” based approaches to success. What Episode 000 is about: The Idea of this episode 000…

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