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Ep. 56 What Is Happiness? With Brett Robbo

Short EP - Brett Robbo (4)

We all deserve happiness and there’s a number of things we can do to ensure we live happy, not chase happy. In this short episode I break down a few key points from other experts and life experiences, to give us a bit of a different perspective on happiness. If happiness, joy, gratitude, pride and…

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Ep.24. Action Advice From The Latest 10 Legends

EP. 24 ACTION ADVICE - the next 10 LEGENDS (1)

This is a short episode that recaps the actionable advice from the latest 10 guests on this podcast. I did this with the first 10 legends and you can find that at episode 18. As great as it is to be inspired by and filled with knowledge, we’re not being impactful or truly growing and…

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Ep.23. Mental Health, Happiness, & Turning Tragedy Into Triumph, with Dr Tim Sharp, AKA Dr Happy

ep xx Tim sharp aka. dr happy (1)

Dr Happy is an internationally renowned leader in the field of Positive Psychology. He’s a sought after Speaker and Facilitator, Consultant and Coach, Podcaster and Best Selling Author, Spokesperson and Brand Ambassador. Dr. Sharp has three degrees in psychology (including a Ph.D.) and established and ran one of Sydney’s most respected clinical psychology practices, a…

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