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Ep. 59 Understanding The “Balance” & SPiN Of Life, With Malin Pettersson

WWW+FB 59-

Malin Pettersson is 14 times Swedish National champion in table tennis, a certified Mental training coach, co-author of the book called ‘Mental Strength’ and is now the Grand Opening Manager for SPiN, which is an awesome concept of ping pong clubs that attracts some of the world’s most popular celebrities like Justin Bieber and sports stars…

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Ep. 44 Mindset Shift Of Goals & Experiences, with Brett Robbo

Short EP - Brett Robbo

Life is not about chasing an end goal. Life is to be lived and EXPERIENCED. In this short episode you will be exposed to a mindset shift around your goals and visions, your experiences and environments, and some triggers to help you realign.  – Are you asking yourself the right questions of your environments to…

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Ep. 43 Financial Growth Mindsets & The 40-40 Challenge, With Award Winning Businessman and Coach, Marty Vids

ep. 43 marty vids

Marty Vids is a successful businessman and business coach who has created and sold award winning businesses and mentored others to leverage their companies to great heights. He’s also a master trainer in NLP and a podcaster with a great understanding of human behaviour and a really interesting perspective on the world. I wanted to…

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