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Ep.64 Kurt Fearnley. When People Get Idealised Or Pitied, It’s Disabling For Us. Short Version

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Kurt Fearnley is a great mate of ours and he’s been plastered all over Australia for the past two weeks as he was team captain for Australia for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. He won a silver medal in the T54 1500m and won Gold in the wheelchair Marathon and was also awarded the honour of being flag bearer…

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Ep.18. Action Advice From The First 10 Legends

ep 18 Action Advice From The First 10 Guests (1)

“Knowledge isn’t power, until it’s applied”. A famous quote from Dale Carnegie who wrote the bestseller, How to win friends and influence people. One of my goals with this podcast is to bring you an abundance of value. Unpacking the awesome stories of our inspirational guests is one powerful method, but more than that, I…

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Ep.2. Kurt Fearnley – Crawling through the mud of Life – without legs

EP 2 Kurt Fearnley

Kurt Fearnley is a 5 time Paralympian and 3 time Paralympic Gold Medalist He’s Won 41 Marathons, out of the 67 Marathons he’s started in, and 18 other times he’s been on the podium. Kurt is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Philanthropist, And dad.   Kurt was born without the lower part of his spine and…

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