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Ep. 58 Looking At Depression From A Different Perspective, With Brett Robbo

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Mental health refers to our cognitive, and/or emotional wellbeing. It’s referring to how we think, feel and behave. In this episode I discuss some interesting new science and approaches to working with depression, including optmising your gut health, improving the health of your vagus nerve and tapping into your sense of meaning. As you know,…

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Ep.21. From Walking Through Life Invisible, To Building A Multi-Million Dollar Empire, with Kate Erickson

EP. 21 Kate Erickson (1)

Kate Erickson is the Content Manager, Community Leader and implementer of awesome ideas for Entrepreneur On Fire (EOFire), which is a multi-million dollar empire that boasts one of the world’s most successful podcasts and a product ecosystem of abundance. I’m proud to have her on the podcast as another Inspirational female who has had a…

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