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Ep. 46 Mental Health – A Congruent Perspective, with Brett Robbo

Short EP - Brett Robbo (1)

In this short episode I share some of my learnings, insights and perceptions on Mental Health and how we can all maximise this key area of Life. You’ll also be reminded of some resources to help you nourish your mental health. This is not an episode about mental illness. This is about Mental Health, which…

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Ep.3. Resilience, Mindfulness and Choice – to be the best in the World – with Scott Reardon

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Scott Reardon is an above knee amputee He’s two time water ski World Champion, two time Paralympian and a Paralympic Gold Medalist in Track and Field. He’s also an entrepreneur and an all round legend caring deeply for his communities. In this episode you will learn: How mindfulness and meditation practices took Scotty from 6th in…

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