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Ep. 67 Jamin Heppell. Cultivating Inner Strength & Character For Leadership & Life

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Jamin Heppell is an inspiring entrepreneur. Among many other projects, he’s the founding director of Mountains and Marathons, which is for people who are driven, curious and want to leverage their career to create a positive impact on society. He also co founded Game Changers Australia, which works with sporting players and sporting clubs of…

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Ep.17. Using Kindness To Create Resilience & Save Your Life, With Charity Founder Kath Koschel


Kath Koschel is a former elite level cricketer that has more fight in her than many other professional athletes ever would. Kath’s story is one of inspiration, from a hospital bed contemplating life changing surgery to setting up a movement that drives her every day passion. This episode will have you intrigued at how the…

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