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Ep. 66 Katrina Webb, Breaking Through Fear & Stress. Short Version

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This is a short clip taken from episode one, with the beautiful soul Katrina Webb. As a reminder, Katrina is a 3 time Paralympian and 3 time Paralympic Gold Medalist. She’s a Keynote speaker, Ted X speaker, a Philanthropist and a mother of 3! In this clip, Katrina is talking about when she first got approached to do…

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Ep.7. The Power of Acceptance to Aid Your Personal Growth, with 7 Time Paralympian and Politician Liesl Tesch

EP 6 Liesl Tesch (6)

From being robbed at gunpoint, to breaking her back and losing her mum, nothing has stopped Liesl on her mission to accept life’s challenges and grow from them significantly!!!  This episode is an absolute ripper. Strap in for what is a roller coaster of a journey. Liesl and I had some big belly laughs but…

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